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Sometimes when we sit in traffic, it allows us to sit back and reflect on how our day was. We often compare the good to the bad, consider what we could have done better, what we should have done differently. Pondering on what we did not get to achieve etc.

Most often than not however we fantasize on what we would like to be, what we would like to have and for me, I can say what I should have achieved by now. It is during those times where we sometimes have to give ourselves a reality check and remind ourselves that we are blessed to be alive, blessed to be healthy and blessed to have a family who loves us. See it is easy to highlight the things we don't have, forget to look at what we do have. The next time you sit in traffic and you find yourself doing what I just described, instead of complaining what you don't have start focusing on or accomplish that which you want to have. Remember God is in control of our lives, and we have been given the authority to pursue and go after the desires God has placed within our hearts. Be encouraged friends, everyday is an opportunity for you to get closer to achieving your dreams

Creatively yours,

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