When life brings you lemons, you make lemonade. Is that not the saying when you feel life is rough and things are not going your way, but is that really true?

Quite often it's our reaction to one particular situation that creates the snowball effect that leads us to believe we are doomed for disaster. Do you know that our actions determine the outcome of all we have in life? Think about it. If you don't eat healthy eventually your body will become weak as your immune system functions less optimal due to what you put into your body. This results in overall health issues and being uncomfortable. So eat healthy and be healthy. When we make bad decisions, recognize it, stop and make better ones next time. No need to sit in self pity.

So don't just make lemonade, but recognize the sour lemons, add some strawberries ,make a nice sandwich and enjoy the birds outside.

What's my point?

1. Make the best of what life brings even if you fall down
2. Get up, dust yourself off
3. Try it again untill you succeed.
4. Never give up
5. Create a space that makes you feel happy, get a new decor item, treat yourself to a new dress or piece of jewelry and smile.

Trust God, trust the process. You can do this!!

Creatively yours


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